Ages 12 -17


**If you are 18 and still in H.S. register for this program, 18 and out of H.S should register for Adults Program. **

No Audition Required. Classes meet once a week.


Students are evaluated in their first class and placed in either Level 1 or Level 2 within the classroom. Material and tasks will differ depending on level, however the class is run as a whole with exercises and lessons being taught to the whole group as one.


Our conservatory-style acting program for Teens at our school in Atlanta, Georgia, is a professional acting program focusing on acting and auditioning for film, TV, commercials and stage. It is an all-encompassing acting program that provides students with a comprehensive curriculum that prepares them to work professionally as young artists. The acting program also prepares the student to audition for arts high schools, colleges and conservatories.

Real, honest techniques of acting taught with a tradition and study of the history of the craft. For those students not quite ready for the professional world, this class still provides the same fun yet challenging climate they seek.


SATURDAY'S 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Who Should Participate?


A new student with talent and naturally professional conduct is a good candidate for this program. The program requires the students to be able to function in an intellectually challenging and emotionally stimulating environment where young actors study as professionals in a craft. While not all of our students desire to pursue acting as a profession they commit to studying with professional discipline while in the program.



  • All new students begin at the top of the upcoming month.

  • Enrollment is in 3 (consecutive) month contracts.

  • Tuition is $120.00 per month. Can be paid monthly or all at once.

How to Enroll:

  • Click HERE to enroll online or


  • Download the paper registration form and return with a minimum of the first month's tuition.


  • Once registration and tuition is received you will get an email confirmation within 24 hours to confirm your young actors space in the class, their starting date and their contract term.

What is Taught

All programs cover (Camera & Stage):

  • Scene Study

  • Audition Technique

  • Improv

  • Rehearsal process

  • Body & Voice Technique

  • Script Comprehension

  • Moment to Moment Reality

  • Listening & Reacting

  • Monologues

  • Commercials

  • Industry Awareness

We Pride Ourselves In...

  • Well managed and well maintained young actor's groups.

  • Knowing how to spot and nurture outstanding talent.

  • Providing a professional and traditional acting school.

  • Treating students as individuals.

  • Challenging everyone to transcend their expectations.

  • Extremely well trained teachers in the craft and psychology of acting.

  • Taking young actors to the highest level of personal and professional success.

email to get info on or sign up for


When Acting is your life - you train at The Company Acting Studio.


  • Professional level acting classes in Atlanta for all levels - Youth to Adult; Beginner to Working Pro


  • Train on-camera and on stage making you a well rounded actor able to work in any medium


  • Proven structure and curriculum


  • Highly trained, consistent teaching staff


  • Incredible reputation for training student actors to become succesful actors


  • Best audition coaching available


  • Established in 1996.

** Class audits are available on specific days during one week each month. Please click the Audit/Tour tab for information on the upcoming date.



"The body experiences and records it, without the experiences, you aren't training the muscles". ~ Lisina Stoneburner



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