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All of our great classes are now being offered ONLINE so you can keep training with

Atlanta's strongest acting program.

There are acting classes in Atlanta, there are "acting coaches"; actors who coach between their acting gigs, and then there's an acting program - a real, professional ongoing acting program taught by highly qualified acting teachers that has been producing successful working actors for over twenty years.

There's a reason training at The Company gets the results it gets. Joining The Company Acting Studio is joining a New York acting studio in Atlanta. The roots, structure and culture are NYC, and yes that includes the attitude, but what's more is the application of what you will learn while in the program has been producing working actors coast-to-coast and nationwide for over two decades. From this studio. In Atlanta.

Choose the program that best describes your current skill level.

The creator of the program, Lisina Stoneburner, has roots that go directly back to Stella Adler, as well as the New York School for Performing Arts. Combining her decades of training and teaching along with her extensive on-set coaching for Film and TV- she has created the absolute most well-rounded acting program available in the southeast.

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