Adults All Level Workouts 

The Adults students of all levels have ALL LEVEL WORKOUTS as part of their program.

It offers an extra intensive workout to the regular weekly class program in specific areas of study.

It rotates between an Improvisation Class, a Body and Voice Technique Class, Scene Study Class,

Business of Acting Class, Supervised Rehearsal Class, Teachers Choice and an Audition Class. 


To see the full calendar year to know which class it is, go to the Enrolled Students Page on the website.


You will need to check that page for any material that might be posted for these classes prior to coming to class in the event that it has been assigned.  SEE BELOW                                                              


An email is always sent when new material is posted.


Direct all questions regarding its content to Lisina at



Upcoming all level workout class material - ADULT ALL LEVELS

This section contains material that you should prepare for ADULTS ALL LEVEL WORKOUTS classes. Check the page throughout the week for updates.  Your material will be up no later than two days before class but it may be posted earlier within that week. The audition classes  are designed to help you improve your skills and gain more confidence as you continue to grow. There is at times material posted for a class other than the audition class.



* Each class is different.

* The instructor designs the lesson with a specific skill set to teach in mind.

* Expect some audition classses to be as close to a genuine audition as possible, where you could be asked to do your audition and leave with no feedback or notes, with no playback or other parts to the class.

* Expect some audition classes to involve mock callbacks.

* Expect some audition classes to use the material given in advance, but then provide new material at the audition.

* Expect the unexpected. Always plan to stay the whole time for an audition class. Only if part of the class structure will you be dismissed early.

* Expect some audition classes to be designed more like a class style with a mock audition, where you are shown playback and group feedback or individual feedback is given.

* It is important to be ready for anything. To treat each Saturday audition class AS IF its a real audition and you do not know what to expect till you arrive.

* At times material is assigned for Scene Study or other All Level Workouts, but this page is typically used to post material for the Audition Class.


Reminder for audition classes:

**You are not auditioning for a real production. These classes are designed to improve your audition skills.

**Doors lock 15 minutes after class begins. Class begins on time.






Please download and print out the scene below from Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Read it before coming to class and come ready to discuss.





























Vocal and Speech warm-ups

Vocal Warm-Up CLICK HERE to Download


Speech Warm-up CLICK HERE to Download


The Announcer's Test CLICK HERE to Download



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