Audit/Tours are an opportunity to watch a portion of a class at the studio then

sit with a studio director to get all of your questions answered.


We hold audit/tours on select dates each month.

Typically we have one opportunity to witness an adult class, and one opportunity to witness a teen class during a month.


The audit/tours allow you to view the beginning portion of the class.

This portion contains the warm-up, some acting exercises and the explanation of the work to follow.


We do not allow visitors to watch an entire class.

The privacy of the students and the safe place we offer for actors to work in are our primary reasons for keeping as much of the class work behind closed doors as possible.


The Adults audit/tour dates are held during the Wednesday night Advanced Class.

This is simply due to how our schedules work and the availability of time at the school to hold them.


The audit/tour gives a very good window into the style, format, teachers and curriculum. 


There is no fee involved in an audit/tour.


We keep the total number of visitors to a minimum so as to cause the smallest

possible disruption to the student's class time.


If you have any questions before registering, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 404-607-1626.


To register for an audit/tour, simply fill out the form below and we will confirm your date and time.




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