Adults All Level Audition Workouts 

The Adults students of all levels have ALL LEVEL WORKOUTS as part of their program.

It offers an extra intensive workout to the regular weekly class program specifically in auditioning.

We occasionally provide a Business of Acting Class or an Improv Class. Always check the schedule to see when those are coming up.


material - September

You are responsible to retrieve any assignments for the audition classes here.

Material is posted a month at a time.



* Each class is different.

* Expect some audition classses to be as close to a genuine audition as possible, where you could be asked to do your audition and leave with no feedback or notes, with no playback or other parts to the class.

* Expect some audition classes to involve mock callbacks.

* Expect some audition classes to use the material given in advance, but then provide new material at the audition.

* Expect the unexpected. Always plan to stay the whole time for an audition class. Only if part of the class structure will you be dismissed early.

* Expect some audition classes to be designed more like a class style with a mock audition, where you are shown playback and group feedback or individual feedback is given.

* It is important to be ready for anything. To treat each audition class AS IF its a real audition and you do not know what to expect till you arrive.

* Some classes are on camera, some are not.


Reminder for audition classes:

**You are not auditioning for a real production.

**Doors lock 15 minutes after class begins. Class begins on time.


Saturday, September 8th 10:00 AM  


All Women and Men play the role of Kraley as your own gender

INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare full set of sides and be ready to take direction.                                          


Monday, September 10th 3:30 PM

COMMERCIAL - American Cancer Society

Choose which copy you wish to prepare. 

It does not matter which gender you choose, read them both and choose the one you prefer then just adjust any gender specific dialogue to fit you. 


INSTRUCTIONS: See note above.

Saturday, September 15th 10:00 AM


Women Prepare Luciana from The Comedy of Errors

Men prepare Demetrius from A Midsummer Nights Dream

INSTRUCTIONS: You do not need to be memorized. Use any tools you can find to help you understand the material. Do not feel this needs to be polished, it is a wonderful opportunity to feel what preparing this material is like. For those not familiar with Shakespeare do not let it frighten you, have fun with it. For those more seasoned, prepare as if auditioning for the play. You will be worked with on the level you are.

Monday, September 17th 3:30 PM


All Women play Claire

All Men play Andrew

INSTRUCTIONS: There are two scenes, you may only be asked to do one of them but be prepared for both.

Saturday, September 22nd 10:00 AM


All Women and Men play the role of HEAD WRITER

INSTRUCTIONS: Have fun with this role and make it your own.

Monday, September 24th 3:30 PM

TV EPISODIC - Hawaii 5-0

All Women Prepare the Role of EMILY

Men 18-29 Prepare the Role of Jerry

Men 30 + Prepare the Role of Bo

Saturday, September 29th 10:00 AM

This class is not an audition class it is a special Improv Class with Katie Causey.

Nothing to prepare. Come ready to have some fun!!!






























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