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DIRECTOR’S INTENSIVES w Coach Lisina Stoneburner

For directors who are either new to directing TV and film or directors who wish to have an intensive workout on their approach. This workshop is small and only a few spaces are available. This is not a workshop for pure beginners with no industry experience. Please register only if you are an industry professional actively working or are experienced in the industry either as a director or another industry artist transitioning into a directing career.


   * Communicate your plan of action efficiently, effectively and creatively.​

   * Be an actor to understand actors.

  • Be a script detective who can not only understand tone and subtext in a script, but identify possibilities within the material that you can activate with actors on set.

  • Sense an actors abilities and know how to quickly use them to their fullest.

  • Use your strengths. Your directing, your way. Tap into your instinct, and know how to really motivate your gut instinct.

  • Getting it all done on time. Creativity on someone else’s schedule. 

  • Speak acting language with directors motivation.

How we do it:

We work fast and intensively.

Going through the actual actors process of experiencing the material from a physical and emotional place.

Breaking down the material as both an actor and as an acting coach would.

Executing your direction on actual actors.



Directors Intensive One

2 Days $800.00

Next Dates TBA

Directors Intensive TWO

(Open only to people who have take Directors Intensive ONE already)


January 31st 11:00-8:00 (30-45 minute lunch break)




The Company Acting Studio 

500 D-1 Amsterdam Avenue Atlanta, GA. 30306

If you wish to pay by cash or check, DO NOT fill out the forms online, email us at to register.


Full payments or deposits of half are required to register and hold a space.





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