Adult Intermediate Class Lessons


MONDAY, MARCH 30th 7:00 PM


Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 476 341 176
Password: 655277

(class will run anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the size of the group and the amount of time needed to work.If we need to go longer, we can.)

* An email invitation to join the class group will be sent earlier before the class in plenty of time for you to download the Zoom app and find our class. This app does not cost anything to use. 

1. Please warm yourself up well at home. The class online will not include warm-up or acting exercises. Discussion and script work only.

2. Be somewhere in your home where your internet connection is the strongest.

3.  Please find a private place to work. Class work is private and even online we should treat it that way without anyone else in your household listening in or viewing the work. Everyone is on the honor system to protect the privacy of your fellow students.

4. Please be without distractions. If you cannot do the class without interruptions, we recommend passing on it, or if you have an obligation in your home like a child or loved one, just log off the class midway if necessary.

5. There is an option for me to record the class and I plan to do so unless there are any objections. Please let me know when we begin if there are any objections.


* Our same rules of privacy apply and we do not want any of what we are working on to be posted online or shown to anyone who is not in class. Please refrain from screen shots or recording of our session. The recording I make would e to allow enrolled students to watch the class again.


* Please read this brief excerpt from NOTES FROM CLASS by Lisina.

A short overall followed by some helpful thoughts when preparing.

There are two videos below the material. 

One is the a short video on "How Stanislavski Reinvented the Craft of Acting"

One is a scene from Seinfeld and a wonderful example of Action/Motivation.

Below are two sets of sides from a sitcom called ACCORDING TO JIM.

Read them over and choose the sides and character you want to work on. Don't worry about the gender, play whoever you want. Concentrate on the actions necessary to activate to achieve what you want. This will be the core of our lesson. The sides have several scenes, we won't likely have you do the whole set, but prepare the entire piece thoroughly.





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