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Link: https://zoom.us/j/908659414?pwd=SGU0VE9WTlhyQ1lrWm5lNjYyM3VTdz09

Meeting ID: 908-659-414

Meeting PW: 644594

(class will run approximately 1 and a half hours depending on the size of the group and the amount of time needed to work. If we need to go shorter or longer, we will.)

* An email invitation to join the class group was sent the day before the class in plenty of time for you to download the Zoom app and find our class. This app does not cost anything to use. 

1. Please warm yourself up well at home. The class online will not include warm-up or acting exercises. Discussion and script work only.

2. Be somewhere in your home where your internet connection is the strongest.

3.  Please find a private place to work. Class work is private and even online we should treat it that way without anyone else in your household listening in or viewing the work. Everyone is on the honor system to protect the privacy of your fellow students.

4. Please be without distractions. If you cannot do the class without interruptions, we recommend passing on it, or if you have an obligation in your home like a child or loved one, just log off the class midway if necessary. Parents of our teens are welcome to be close by to hear the class if you have any concerns about your child working online, we just ask that you not be on camera or in a place to be a distraction to the student so they can feel they can work without someone listening or watching right there.


* Our same rules of privacy apply and we do not want any of what we are working on to be posted online or shown to anyone who is not in class. Please refrain from screen shots or recording of our session.


Each of you has been assigned a monologue. Those of you who worked this last week, please bring it back to class with the notes. If you are just starting this week please follow the instructions right here.

Please find your name and monologue below and click on the link. Prepare the piece and rehearse as you would in class. No need to be off book.

Kiara Snead: Brighton Beach Memoirs - Nora                      Connor: East of Normal - Brian

Camryn: Vampire Diaries - Elena                                  Ella: Spine - Claire

Natalia: Janie                                                                  Katy: Dawson's Creek - Joey

Lily F: Detroit Rock City - Jam                                     Jayda: Bandslam - Charlotte

Andrew: Not My Hero - Homer                                     Jaime: Unaccompanied Minors - Spencer

Taylor: Mean Girls - Cady                                             Ray: Teach Me How To Cry - Will

Vivian: One Life To Live - Kristy                                  Katlyn: Clueless - Cher

Penelope: Our Town - Emily                                          Ashley: Stuck in the Suburbs - Brittany 

Lily P: The Parent Trap - Annie                                     Elisabeth: Freaky Friday - Tess

Joseph: Makin' It - Scott



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