All classes and lectures are taught ONLINE using Zoom.

There are currently NO IN PERSON CLASSES being offered.

INTRO TO ACTING is the beginning of your life as an Actor! The first step to truly becoming the actor you know you are in whichever medium you prefer.


A strong program with professional ideals that gives all actors a chance to learn and develop in a challenging and nurturing environment.

Anyone 18 and over can join the class.

No previous experience or training required.

Who Should Take The Intro class?

Actors with little to no training or experience, or who have been out of it for a significant period of time and have not acted in many years.

Also perfect for those wanting to see if this is the right road for them, or for those who know this is who they are and what they should be doing and are finally ready to take the leap.

All of our great classes are now being offered ONLINE so you can keep training with

Atlanta's strongest acting program.


What is Taught

  • Scene Study

  • Audition Technique

  • Improv

  • Rehearsal process

  • Body & Voice Technique

  • Script Comprehension

  • Moment to Moment Reality

  • Listening & Reacting

  • Monologues

  • Commercials

  • Industry Awareness

When Acting is your life - you train at The Company Acting Studio.

  • Professional level acting classes in Atlanta for all levels - Youth to Adult; Beginner to Working Pro


  • Train on-camera and on stage making you a well rounded actor able to work in any medium


  • Proven structure and curriculum


  • Highly trained, consistent teaching staff


  • Incredible reputation for training student actors to become succesful actors


  • Best audition coaching available


  • Established in 1996.