All classes and lectures are taught

ONLINE using Zoom.

In person classes resume in October. Zoom classes will still be available on the same schedule.


  • Southeast's most dynamic program.

  • Use of games and exercises to learn technique.

  • Work with current Film / TV material.

  • Work on camera and on stage.

  • Learn to Connect.

  • Gain Confidence in Self.

  • Learn to communicate IDEAS and not just words.

  • Learn to use improv in rehearsal as well as a creative tool.

  • Ages 12- 17       

  • AGES K-12TH GRADES OFFERED LIVE STARTING IN OCTOBER                                                    


Are you craving to perform?

Do you love to play out stories and situations?

Are you feeling the desire to connect with other creative teens?

Are you curious about the actual CRAFT of acting and want to see if it's something you might connect with?

Do you already know you're an artist?

This could very well be the program that will bring out your creative instincts, your ability to perform and connect with an audience. This could be the program that gives you the tools and the know-how to craft a role; a character. This could be the program that 'gets you' and shows you there's a whole world out there for people that are passionate about playing out the lives and relationships - on camera and on stage. 

This could be just the program you've been looking for. The program that could open up a life-long world of learning and growth as an artist and most importantly - a human being.


When Acting is your life - you train at The Company Acting Studio.


  • Professional level acting classes in Atlanta for all levels - Youth to Adult; Beginner to Working Pro


  • Train on-camera and on stage making you a well rounded actor able to work in any medium


  • Proven structure and curriculum


  • Highly trained, consistent teaching staff


  • Incredible reputation for training student actors to become succesful actors


  • Best audition coaching available


  • Established in 1996.

"Don't perfect it, let something beyond your control fly through!" Lisina Stoneburner

For nearly a quarter century The Company Acting Studio has been training kids and teens to work professionally in this industry. Not all have gone on to have careers in the business side of the craft but they've all used the tools and techniques learned in their acting program to enhance their lives; specifically their ability to communicate effectively. 

Training in the craft of acting takes time as with any skill. The classes are packed with games and exercises that teach technique as well as practical work with material from current Film and TV shows. The young actors work on stage and on camera- and they work every medium - stage, film, TV, and commercial so that their work opportunities are not limited to one focus.

Full of energy, thriving on structure and succeeding with a strong curriculum that has been proven for over 2 decades - this is the dynamic program that has launched the careers of many young actors not only in Feature Films and TV shows but on the Broadway stage as well as Conservatory programs in colleges and universities nationwide.