All classes and lectures are taught ONLINE using Zoom.

There are currently NO IN PERSON CLASSES being offered.

All of our great classes are now being offered ONLINE so you can keep training with

Atlanta's strongest acting program.

The Working Actor's Program

This is the program built for the working actor. You are surrounded by your peers; fellow working actors. This is a Scene Study based class but you will also be working unique exercises that will take you deeper into yourself and the craft than you have ever worked before. 

Your instructor is Lisina Stoneburner who has been consistently working DAILY as an on-set coach for #1 hit Network TV shows and Feature Films for over a decade so you are getting INSIGHT AND EXPERIENCE that absolutely no other teacher in Atlanta can give you. 

Acceptance into the program requires resume approval. You must have 3 + years of verifiable training/ experience to be considered.

To be considered for the next available space in the Advanced class, please fill out the form below.


Upon receipt of your resume and interest, we will reach out via email regarding potential space in the class and to answer any questions you might have.


The form will not go through without a resume attached.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 


What We Expect

Professional level acting students. We're not looking for perfection but we are looking for those intent on perfecting their craft and wanting to take advantage of every opportunity to do so.

We expect you to book. That is the job you are training for so we assume it will happen and we give an extraordinary amount of training to you to help that become a reality.

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