Mr. Moody is Back!

NYC Teacher, Actor, Director returns to The Company Acting Studio for one INTENSIVE day only.

Why you CANNOT ALLOW YOURSELF to miss this workshop:

  • Created the drama curriculum for NYC public school system

  • Nationally renowned teacher and lecturer

  • Graduate of the FIRST class at Julliard

  • Lisina’s teacher at Performing Arts (that little school they made the movie FAME about, same one where Al Pacino, Jennifer Anniston, Robert De Niro, Adrien Grenier, Omar Epps…. Basically if you’ve ever gone to the movies or turned on a TV you’ve seen the actors this background produces…)

 “I don't even know where to start because I personally learned so much.  From simple things like: trust yourself- if you believe it, so will your audience; to DOING- the more you have going on in your scene the easier it is to become your character, and the words will just come to you instead of you trying to think of the lines.  I also really enjoyed the mix of people.  I was probably one of the youngest actors there (and I don't mean age, I mean time doing) and for me to get the chance to work with such amazing; talented people just blew me away.  Watching the other scenes taught me just as much and doing my own scene.  The entire experience was career changing for me and I feel that my confidence level has gone up so much.  James Moody is a wonderful speaker and has a great way of getting things through to you- his experience and love of this career shines through while he teaches.  Anyone who gets the opportunity should take this workshop!!”  - Amber Erwin – workshop participant previous year

The annual James Moody Scene Study Intensive is the

Not-To-Be-Missed workshop of the year.

The workshop returns Sunday, December 2, 2018 from 10 AM to 6 PM. Ages 16 and over.

It is NOT a beginner workshop – only those with previous training or experience should enroll

IMPORTANT! There are only 26 spaces available. Total.

Once they’ve been filled, that’s it, workshop is closed.



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