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Taping Services


Professional tapings for your auditions.

Taping Services now
available at our studio.
1137 Church Street SE
Covington, GA. 30014

Covid safety protocols in place. If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you please tell the staff member taping you and please wear a mask until it is time to tape. Please do not come if you are feeling sick, have a fever or have been exposed to anyone with Covid 19.

We reserve the right to update and change these protocols at any time due to new CDC guidelines or other changes to the current Covid status in our community. Please refer to for detailed and updated information on the pandemic.


$25 PER FIRST 20 MINS / 20 MIN MINIMUM  / Members get 10% off.



Book the amount of time you believe you need. You will be charged for the amount of time you book. 

Do not expect to go past your booked time.

Includes taping, reader, file transfer.


Not included in the taping and will not be offered or imposed on you during your taping session.


Book coachings separately.


CLICK HERE for private coaching info.

If choosing to coach, the coaching and taping can be combined - when schedules allow. 

Who does the taping?

Tapings are done by the on duty studio teacher. If you want to tape with a specific staff member, be sure to mention this when you contact us to schedule. However, we cannot guarantee that person is available during your time frame.

To Book an Appointment

Email us at . Please give an idea of when you need the appointment when you contact us.

How to arrive

  • Arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time.

  • Be ready to tape.

  • The clock starts at your booked time, regardless if you are late.

  • Have an idea of what you would like to do in the room so we can help you have the audition you want.

  • Bring a copy of the casting information and a set of sides for the reader with you. A hard copy. 

  • Do not expect to go past your booked time.

  • Bring taping information form below, or be ready to fill out when you arrive.

Our location:

1137 Church Street SE

Covington, GA. 30014

Street parking is available for free. Please give yourself enough time to find a spot in or around Covington Square.

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