Actors that train at The Company - train to work.

"The Company Acting Studio is the place to go for career actors looking not only to sharpen their technique, but to refine and strengthen the entire process by which they approach their work. CAS has an incredible staff who knows the business inside out and care deeply about the personal learning experience of each of their students. I’ve been taking classes here for several years from Lisina Stoneburner and can honestly say I’ve never found a better, more effective coach. The rates are affordable, the opportunities diverse and catered to their students’ needs, and the team here is genuinely committed to cultivating conscientious actors who never stop expanding their work. Love this place!"

~ Rachel Frawley - Actor

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"I’ve been training with Lisina and The Company for the last twelve years.

I truly would not be the person or actor I am today without Lisina’s guidance and wisdom. Lisina knows how to perfectly breakdown a scene and any character in a way that is approachable as well as understandable. She’s taught me to love the craft while appreciating the process. There is no one more genuine, encouraging, passionate, or magical as Lisina.

I’m beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to work closely with her throughout the years. Lisina is my biggest cheerleader and I absolutely love her with my entire heart."

~ Courtney Cummings, Actor


"The programs and instructors at The Company Acting Studio (TCAS) are some of the finest in the Atlanta metro area. Covering all aspects of the craft, they provide the resources and tools that are a necessity for the actor in both stage and film. As a student for nearly two years with TCAS, and having attended other schools in the area, I can truly say that I have grown more here as an actor than with any other school. This is due directly to the amazing instructors and their approach, which allows for actors to tap into their creative potential."

~ Julian Hardy ~ Actor


"I’ve been a student with The Company Acting Studio for nearly one year now. I am beyond grateful to have found this studio and Lisina Stoneburner. Her abundance of knowledge, insight, imagination, and ability to communicate with actors is of the highest quality. Here you will be challenged, inspired, and you will grow as an artist."

~ Vince Foster ~ Actor


"I experienced more growth in my first year at the studio than I had in years of training before, not only in the craft but in my career. In an often tough industry Lisina is truly on the actor’s side and champions her students along the way."

~ Byron Wigfall, Actor


"Having Lisina on set with me everyday has allowed me to never

second guess my choices as an actor. Knowing in between takes,

I'm able to collaborate and bounce ideas off someone who I'm comfortable with, </