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Actors that train at The Company - train to work.

"I’ve been a student with The Company Acting Studio for nearly one year now. I am beyond grateful to have found this studio and Lisina Stoneburner. Her abundance of knowledge, insight, imagination, and ability to communicate with actors is of the highest quality. Here you will be challenged, inspired, and you will grow as an artist."

~ Vince Foster ~ Actor

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"I’ve been training with Lisina and The Company for the last twelve years.

I truly would not be the person or actor I am today without Lisina’s guidance and wisdom. Lisina knows how to perfectly breakdown a scene and any character in a way that is approachable as well as understandable. She’s taught me to love the craft while appreciating the process. There is no one more genuine, encouraging, passionate, or magical as Lisina.

I’m beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to work closely with her throughout the years. Lisina is my biggest cheerleader and I absolutely love her with my entire heart."

~ Courtney Cummings, Actor


"The programs and instructors at The Company Acting Studio (TCAS) are some of the finest in the Atlanta metro area. Covering all aspects of the craft, they provide the resources and tools that are a necessity for the actor in both stage and film. As a student for nearly two years with TCAS, and having attended other schools in the area, I can truly say that I have grown more here as an actor than with any other school. This is due directly to the amazing instructors and their approach, which allows for actors to tap into their creative potential."

~ Julian Hardy ~ Actor


"The Company Acting Studio is the place to go for career actors looking not only to sharpen their technique, but to refine and strengthen the entire process by which they approach their work. CAS has an incredible staff who knows the business inside out and care deeply about the personal learning experience of each of their students. I’ve been taking classes here for several years from Lisina Stoneburner and can honestly say I’ve never found a better, more effective coach. The rates are affordable, the opportunities diverse and catered to their students’ needs, and the team here is genuinely committed to cultivating conscientious actors who never stop expanding their work. Love this place!"

~ Rachel Frawley - Actor

"I experienced more growth in my first year at the studio than I had in years of training before, not only in the craft but in my career. In an often tough industry Lisina is truly on the actor’s side and champions her students along the way."

~ Byron Wigfall, Actor


"Having Lisina on set with me everyday has allowed me to never

second guess my choices as an actor. Knowing in between takes,

I'm able to collaborate and bounce ideas off someone who I'm comfortable with, on a professional and personal level.


I have seen great improvements in my work under the teachings of Lisina

and would highly recommend anyone SERIOUS about there craft to enroll

in a class at The Company Acting Studio."


~ Michael Trevino, Actor


"If you want to be a professional working actor, you need to learn how to act, by studying the craft of acting.  It is a skill set you develop over time with hard work and practice.  The Company Acting Studio teaches you how to train your instrument and work as a professional by exposing you to a well rounded curriculum. 


I started my acting journey here at level 1, and over a decade later I am still going back for class and private coaching.  This place breeds well trained actors, which is what agents, managers, and casting directors love to see.  They give you the tools and teach you how to use them, you just have to practice. 


Lisina and her team have the experience and expertise whether you want to dabble and have a fun hobby, or hold a heavy golden statuette one day."   

~Omer Mughal, Actor


"Lisina is the best. Hands down. One class with her and you’ll know, without a doubt, that being an acting teacher and coach is in her blood. Training with her has not only helped me discover and grow into the kind of actor I want to be, but the kind of person I want to be. Her training speaks to the actor’s whole being and reminds us to utilize all of our senses in the exploration of a character.


I’ve honestly never experienced anyone who can communicate with actors as brilliantly and effectively as she does. It’s truly a gift. She teaches us how to do the kind of work that breathes life into each scene and enables us to find the WHY that fuels the words. There’s a science to this art and Lisina has a way of marrying the two seamlessly. She equips us with all the tools (technical and artistic) to create freely, and without fear.


Because of her, I’ve developed a level of confidence in my work that I never had before. Words cannot fully express how thankful I am to be one of her students."  

~ Aja Morgan, Actor


"I am definitely enjoying the classes and I feel like I am being stretched as an actress to really enter into the life of the character and become her mood, her behavior, her thoughts and her actions . Aja Is a great teacher."


~ Rhonda H. , Actor


"This studio has really helped strengthen my tools and help me grow as an actor by adding new knowledge and tools. Here we really dig deep into doing the work, preparation, script breakdown and performance. I'm always challenged here which has been great for my continued development as an actor. A welcoming and non judgmental environment is another great thing about this studio. I've found my tribe and can't wait to continue to learn and grow with them."

~ Darius Devontaye Green, Actor


"It's magic coupled with the "how to" that improved me ,the actor, and all my techniques. I've learned acting twists and turns that make my characters really come alive. I feel so, so lucky to know Lisina Stoneburner and be a part of The Company Acting Studio. I love it."


~ Jeanne Byrd Howell, Actor

"I have grown deeper in using my imagination, Lisina has helped to me trust and cultivate it. Not having to go always deep rooted pain from my past but to trust my imagination to take me to a place to allow me to borrow from those past experiences for my characters and not live in my own past experiences."


~ Varshay Graham, Actor



"I really enjoyed my time training at The Company Acting Studio! Lisina, John, and Jayme have all definitely contributed to giving me new acting tools to keep in my toolbox. They were all there to help me grow as an artist and challenged me to always dig deeper into my characters, rather than sticking to the obvious things I can read on the page. With me not knowing anyone in Georgia when I first moved here, it was tough trying to get into the swing of things on my own. But coming to TCAS was like coming to my second home, because they treated me like family. It’s a bitter sweet feeling because I’m excited to see what my future holds for me in my career, but I’m also going to miss all the new friends I made at TCAS that made me feel so welcomed."

~ Ezekiel Ajeigbe, Actor

"I came to The Company Acting Studio in early 2014 with no experience and a blank resume.  Since then, I have had the pleasure of acting in multiple television shows and films including work in an Academy Award winning film.  I credit my achievements to the training I've experienced at The Company over the past two years.  An actor cannot work without the proper tools to develop characters and live compellingly in imaginary circumstances.  My toolbox was empty, but the school has equipped me to engage in my craft with confidence."  

~ Rajeev Jacob, Actor

"The company has giving me the cofidence and the tools to book jobs consistently I've noticed whether it be an audition, workshop or on set students from the company always stand out in the best ways and it looks great to casting director's/agents on your resume "

~  Al-Jaleel Knox, Actor

"Having been a student in both the beginning, intermediate and master class levels at The Company, I can say without hesitation that this school provides all the fundamentals needed to acquire the skills needed to be a strong and present actor. 

I auditioned for and became a part of the Master Class in 2010.  Everything I’ve acquired, from the basic skills needed to become centered, grounded and ready to work, to fully creating character, has been learned at this school. 


Several years ago I saw David Lindsay-Abaire’s 'Good People' in New York. It’s a beautiful play and I brought a scene from that play to work in class.  Me and my scene partner worked that scene for eight months with Lisina guiding us through every character discovery, every tactic option, every possible objective to find the fully recognized character and to bring the essence of the words on that page to life.  Tonight I open in that play in the lead character of Margie. 

I wouldn’t be in the place I am in my career without The Company Acting Studio.  I’m forever grateful for having found this school.  If you’re looking for a place to learn the CRAFT OF ACTING, this is your place.   


~ Missy Rainey,  Actress



"My personal experience working with the studio has been a life-changing one.  Literally. My dream growing up was to be an actress and screenwriter. Over time, my parents led me to take the safe path of getting a “real degree” and landing a stable job. 

After a while working in medical sales, I realized that it wasn’t fulfilling. I enrolled in TCAS to see if the passion for acting was still alive, and was going to treat it as a hobby if it was. What I got was so much more. After performing in the showcase last fall and being approached by multiple agents, I realized that the tools that I was being equipped with by training at TCAS would be a waste if I was treating acting like a hobby. After all, this was my life’s dream. My instructors were teaching me the craft and equipping me with technique.


You guys gave me the confidence I needed to quit my comfortable job, sign with an agent, and pursue acting full time. I truly can’t thank you all enough for everything!!" <3 



 ~ Sarah Al-Sherri, Actress

"The Company Acting Studio has been my home away from home for the past 6 years, and I can easily say that coming to this school has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my acting career. Throughout my time here, I have continued to learn and grow in my acting abilities. All of the teachers here are great and know what they are talking about.  Without this place, I wouldn’t have been able accomplish anything that I’ve worked on."


~ Parker Wierling, Actor


"Several years ago my passion for acting ignited. I heard about The Company Acting Studio and decided to check it out. I started classes in Level 1 and through the years I have been able to work my way up all the way to Master Class. I am so incredibly blessed to have Lisina coaching me every week. She is seriously, in my opinion, the best in the business. I have gained confidence and continually work in expanding the skills that are necessary for this industry. Lisina pushes her students to explore all the different emotional, intellectual, and physical avenues that allows us to bring our characters to life. The lessons I learn in class will carry with me not only through out my career but also in life. The Company Acting Studio is near and dear to my heart. If you are serious about your training and want to grow as an actor, Lisina is the real deal!!"

~ Autumn Dial, Actress

"Why study at The Company Acting Studio?  A: Its the only Nationally recognized acting school in the southeast.  Do you need another reason?!  B: There are so many new opportunities provided to students its unbelievable.  From workshops, to free classes, to networking, its really a great community to be a part of and learn from.  Its a well rounded curriculum that keeps challenging you and your craft whether your a newbie or veteran.  And its very affordable.  The teachers here are all caring, professional, and amazing and if you want professional training for a career in acting, then you should give it a shot and see for yourself.  You might find a new home base for your acting career.  I know I did."

~ Omer Mughal, Actor

"I remember when I walked into my first class at The Company Acting Studio with Lisina...I was incredibly shy, nervous, and afraid to step out of my comfort zone. She immediately began working with me to build confidence and helped me take risks with the choices I made in scenes. She pushed me further than anyone else ever has, but always in the most caring way. Because of her, I have confidence in myself and in the choices I make, and the ability to walk into a casting office and make a lasting impression. Many of the lessons she has taught me I still carry with me today. Not just in my work, but also throughout my life.They are invaluable."

~ Mahaley Manning, Actress


"Each time I work with Lisina, she helps me deepen my exploration of a scene. My work with her encourages me to focus on furthering my personal process, as well as be brave and very distinct with my choices. She has been immensely helpful at a transitional point in my career. She's one rad lady."

~ Sara Canning, Actress


"Lisina took me from 0-60 in minutes. She's incredible and very much a part of the Vampire Diaries family. I love talking about scenes with her and working through different emotions. She's taught me incredible techniques that I in 17 years of acting hadn't used before. She's amazing, and I'm grateful to be working with such a phenomenal teacher and person."


~ Katerina Graham, Actress


"Having Lisina has allowed me to never second guess my choices as an actor. Knowing I'm able to collaborate and bounce ideas off someone who I'm comfortable with, on a professional and personal level. I have seen great improvements in my work under the teachings of Lisina and would highly recommend anyone SERIOUS about there craft to enroll in a class at The Company Acting Studio."


~ Michael Trevino, Actor

"As a beginning and aspiring performer, I found The Company Acting Studio to be a real family of supportive mentors from different acting genres.  Lisina the brains and muscles of TCAS feeds you intellectually, and provides a no holds barred assessment of your progress.  Her boot camps will take you to the next level. She lets you know that script interpretation is
about understanding context and dramatics.   

John the spiritual leader let's you know it is okay to fumble and try a different interpretive direction.  He's an excellent guide.

Chandra, Derrick and Wes inspire you to do more than you ever thought possible.  An unlimited cast of visiting coaches and instructors makes every day an event!"

~ Chi Iromuanya, Actor

"As a new student trying to get a start in the acting business I find The Company Acting Studio to be a great choice. The beginner classes provide hands on training in front of the camera, along with a sucessful curriculum that a beginner needs. I find the feedback and support from my "working actor" teachers to be focused on helping me improve my skills and
confidence. Over the last 8 months I have made tremendous strides and credit this to hard work, focus and a school willing to educated and support me.  I highly recommend The Company Acting Studio. 

~ Rick Lite, Actor

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