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TCAS BKLT is our own Backlot. Becoming a member today gives you access to a wealth of curated and original content dedicated and designed to inspire, educate and motivate you as you build your acting career.

After nearly 30 years as one of the leading studios in the southeast, our knowledge of the craft and industry as well as the professional relationships we've built and cultivated along the way can now benefit you as your build your career in an easy to use, highly organized and effective online format.

Membership in TCAS BKLT is access to information and tools that would take a lifetime to acquire. And - it doesn't matter where in the world you live! This is information that can be applied no matter what market you're competing in.




TCAS BKLT members have access to:

  • Monthly craft / career lessons or activities geared to keep you focused on growing in your pursuit of an acting career. 

  • Quarterly Acting / Career  / Life Forum & Q & A with Master Acting instructor and on-set coach Lisina Stoneburner (see bio) - on Zoom. This is your opportunity to talk and have your questions answered by someone who works directly with Producers, Directors, Showrunners, Show Creators, etc. This kind of access to someone at this level is not available anywhere else - especially at an affordable cost.  Free for our members because we want you to have access to the information that only someone who is there day in and day out can give you. No more misinformation from other actors, Social Media groups, etc. - this is the actual truth of the industry - presented in a way that you can USE as you build your career.


  • 10% Discount on all purchases. Just use the discount code at checkout. This applies to live classes, zoom classes, audition coaching, private lessons, consultations, products - anything offered for sale by The Company Acting Studio.

  • Periodically Industry Professionals provide special member discounts for their services.

  • Periodic giveaways of products or services that will HELP you build your career.

  • Access to the Article vault.

  • Access to the Video Vault.

  • And more!

TCAS BKLT is constantly growing so you will always have access to new information in an easily accessible and ORGANIZED format so you can find exactly what you NEED when you need it!

TCAS BKLT Membership costs:

$20 per month. Cancel at any time.

Enroll now and get instant access to TCAS BKLT!

Once you enroll a confirmation email is sent with your access code.

IMPORTANT: the email associated with your registration is the one where all important information will be sent.


JOIN TCAS BKLT BELOW! And start using all of the in-depth knowledge available to build your acting career!

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